Admin Dashboard to manage all the cards and digital profiles

Fully customizable card

LUXN for Teams/Corporates digital profile

Why LUXN Teams Cards?

Cost Saving

Forget printing hundreds of paper business cards just to share a limited amount of information.
Use LUXN team cards to share all the contact details, including company details, unlimited times.


One-time purchase, lifetime value. When an employee leaves, reset that employee’s account and assign the card to the new employee, just like that! Stop printing business cards again and again and start tapping!

Manage all Cards

Get an admin dashboard to manage all cards and accounts for your team.
(This option is only valid for teams that have more than 20 team members.)

Fully customized card design

Get a fully customized card design for your team cards with your company's branding and colors.

Interested? Please fill below details and submit. Our team member will contact you for more details. Also, you can call us on 0711691008

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between LUXN for Teams Card and other regular LUXN cards?

LUXN for Teams cards have a team profile that contains a company section to add all the details about the company, while other cards have regular profiles. Also, you can get an admin dashboard to control all the employees' profiles. (only for over 20 employees)

Can we customize the LUXN for Teams Card design?

Yes, you can get fully customized design cards in any color.

Can we reuse the LUXN for Teams Cards after employees leave?

Yes, if you need to, you can. When you purchase LUXN for Teams cards, you will get LUXN profiles separately for each card. You can change the profile details for the next employee who is going to use the card.